LOS PERROS PERDIDOS Foundation partners with our sister rescue in Mexico, PAWS IN ACTION CANCUN.

We are determined to save as many broken, abused, abandoned and neglected street and shelter dogs in Mexico as we can.

Motivated by a deep love of our 4-legged friends, our mandate is to save and improve as many lives as possible.

We have seen many tragedies and have witnessed the most horrible cruelties, but we know that by working together we can make a significant difference.

Raising awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering our furry friends and through the love and support of our wonderful volunteers, supporters and adopters, our hope is to rescue, heal and successfully rehome as many of these deserving souls as possible.

With your help, we can do this!

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Our 1st Donation!

And from none other than friend, Pamela, who has been working to rescue dogs for 40+ years; basically her entire adult life. 

Pamela has specialized in wolf dogs. Many people adopt these beautiful animals thinking it will be “cool” to have a wolf dog. People with absolutely NO IDEA of the commitment required, nor of the special needs of these majestic animals.


Pamela with wolf dog, Muraco

Muraco recently passed over the rainbow bridge. Pamela gave him a wonderful life. Pamela bonds with her dogs as closely as if they were her children, and to her, they are. Fly free, Muraco! You will never be forgotten. 

For more information about wolf dogs, visit the site:

Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue

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