A Tribute to Mom

I guess the story REALLY starts with my mom. She was on her deathbed (literally) and she suddenly sat up and said, “I need to write you girls a check!” My sister wrote out the checks and my mom signed them. Not a huge amount but I decided to use the money to do something bigger than myself. This is for you, Mom.
Mom and her favorite dog, Tommy
Mom and her favorite dog, Tommy.

So that’s what I did. And yep, I spent it all but it was worth it. I brought back three dogs, built connections in Cancun that will enable me to continue this work and made some wonderful friends, with similar interests.

My mom passed in May of 2021 surrounded by all of us. We had gathered to celebrate her life and we had a rambunctious party in her room the day before. She was the best mom. She had six children and three of them pre-deceased her. She was tough, yet loving and completely non-judgmental. For the three of us siblings who were left, she was our rock.

I miss you, Mom! But the doggies I’m saving appreciate you.

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