Almost Time to go Home

It’s about a week before I have to return to the states and I have only one dog to bring home when my goal was three. My intention was to capture the “Dreams” dogs but that did not work out (not yet!). Then I met Karin. She has ideas. She also has 30 dogs at her house that she has rescued from the streets so we decide that I will take two of her dogs to make room for more rescues.
Carlos and Pepe were the lucky pups chosen to make the journey

Karin found crates for all three dogs and she and I continue to work on a plan for the “Dreams” dogs. We are actually looking to buy a property and create a sort of sanctuary for them. The property is near Carlos, the other dog angel, and he has agreed that he will care for them and help them to become socialized for hopefully, eventual placement in a forever home.

All we have to do is buy the property–which will need extensive work to make it ready, catch them and bring them there! No small undertaking but we are all game for it. That will be an on-going story and I will write about it as soon as anything concrete happens.

For my next installment, I will talk about traveling day, which was quite the adventure. Stay tuned!

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