Sponsor a Clinic

It feels really good to know that you are making a difference. 
Sponsoring a clinic in Cancún is really simple–
we will do all the work!
There are two ways you can
help make this happen:

  1. Donate the money yourself
  2. Raise the money via a social media campaign

This is an example of the typical expenses for spaying 100 dogs in a weekend. 
You can decide if you want to help 10 dogs or 25 or 100 or more.
You can fly to Cancun and join in the fun or you can enjoy your efforts from afar.
It’s truly a magical experience participating in these clinics so we would love you to be there!


Donate the Money Yourself

Sponsoring a clinic is a wonderful way to show you care about those less fortunate.
If you are a small business owner, this could be a way to get your name out there, doing something good for those in need–in this case, homeless street dogs.


Create a Social Media Campaign

If you haven’t done this before–it’s fun! Raise money for a good cause, send the link to your friends and associates and you will find out how many people truly want to help.
If you need help with this step, we can coach you. We have experience with GoFundMe and Facebook campaigns but there are other options and we will help you to dive into those.


Sehr Mahmood

Sehr made contact with Karin in Cancun and expressed a desire to help. 

Since then, she has raised money and sponsored two spay/neuter campaigns.


Find Sehr on Instagram

This girl is serious about giving back. Find and follow her on Instagram for more uplifting videos.

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