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our story

We are a grassroots organization, began by two women passionate about helping the street dogs of Mexico, four paws at a time. 

Karin in Cancun

Karin rescues the dogs from the streets or from dangerous situations, sees to their medical needs, rehabilitates and socializes them with other dogs and people.

flight angels

Two students fly with the dogs from Cancun, Mexico to San Francisco, where they are met by Toree and another helper, who then drive the dogs back to Lake Tahoe.

toree at lake tahoe

Toree fosters the dogs at her home at Lake Tahoe, posting on social media and rescue sites, until the perfect home is found for the dogs. These are the lucky ones.


We are a recognized 501c3, tax-exempt organization. Your donations are tax deductible. And, greatly appreciated!

Many of the dogs we rescue require medical help. They ALL need to be spayed or neutered. We have travel expenses in order to send more dogs to the U.S or Canada. You help to make it all possible.

our work in cancun

We have big goals going forward:

  1. Spay and neuter clinics
  2. Develop a mobile medical clinic to better serve the outlying areas
  3. Bring more dogs to the United States

With your generous donations, we can continue to make a difference.

Success Stories


  • Spay & neuter
  • Each pet can birth up to 12 puppies/kittens per year
  • 12 pets sterilized prevents 564 births!
  • This work is IMPORTANT 


Nala was found as a two-month-old puppy in the middle of a street in Cancun. She was covered in sores, was very skinny and terribly frightened. Karin had to chase her down but was able to capture her. She will never forget …

The story

Ina’s Story

Karin rescued Ina about three years ago along with her 8 puppies. Six of her puppies were adopted in Mexico; the two males came to the U.S. where we found them wonderful homes! Ina came after that and she was adopted also.



It’s a LONG story, but the journey of the Los Perros Perdidos Foundation begins with the Dreams Dogs. 

Please read our blog so that you can understand the calling that led to the creation of this foundation.


We hope we have explained our story well and that you are willing to help. We need you!

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer, please send a message on WhatsApp +1 775-772-9452