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Profits from the sale of these pet products go to help the mission of getting dogs off the streets in Cancun … four paws at a time!
The links take you to our sister site, tahoetshirtsandgifts.com which is set up for the sale of products. 
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Harness & Leash Set

Soft, yet sturdy. Your pet will feel secure and so will you!

Luxury Dog House

Cotton and fleece, foldable dog bed. Portable!
$43.95 – $75.95

Ionizer Air Purifier

Small, yet efficient. Molecules, or ions, zap odors!

Round Plush Cat Bed

Eco-friendly fiber, washable cat bed–resting on a cloud!
$43.95 – $63.95

Professional Pet Brush

Brush and groom your pet with our gentle brush.

Fleece Pet Blanket

Soft and plush animal pad or blanket in 6 sizes!
$14.95 – $36.95

Pet Hair Remover

Works like magic! Reusable. Your pet will ❤ this.

Car Safety Seat

Carry your pets in style and keep them safer in the car.

A Unique book -- donated as a fundraiser for the cause