Nala: The Case of the Crying Puppy

Nala was found as a two-month-old puppy in the middle of a street in Cancun. She was covered in sores, was very skinny and terribly frightened. Karin had to chase her down but was able to capture her. She will never forget her cries that day.

Sores all over her young body. Life on the streets is hard.

After a dog is rescued, it takes a trip to the vet for treatment. Almost always the dogs have skin issues, might be dehydrated, most certainly are malnourished and typically they have sad, sad eyes. Nala was no exception.

The sad eyes tell a powerful story of life on the streets.

Nala, being the sweet personality that she is, quickly realized that her circumstances had changed and she began to discover herself and her capacity for joy. Within a few months, she was a different dog and our Foundation began thinking about bringing her to the United States to search for her forever home.

Skin issues cleared up, her body filled out and a sparkle in her eye.

Nala spent a few months with Karin, frolicking with a pack of dogs, eating regular meals with clean and plentiful water to drink. Her personality began to shine. She was one of four lucky dogs who made the journey in cargo on a flight from Cancun to San Francisco, where she was met by rescuers, Toree and Taylor.

This being Taylor’s first pick up run, she was AMAZED at how stoic the dogs were. No fussing or whining, no itching to get out. It was like they knew that an adventure awaited them. They came from a place of trust: They trusted Karin who had rescued them so they knew that she would take care of them.

At the San Francisco International Airport, before journeying to Lake Tahoe.

Arriving back at Lake Tahoe at about 8 p.m. that evening, the dogs were finally let out of their crates to run around the fenced yard. Taylor and I, pretty much exhausted by this point (having left the area at about 6 a.m.), watched them with a smile and a glass of wine.

Tomorrow the interviews with perspective owners would begin. Three of the four dogs were adopted that very day. Nala was the last one standing but then…an email, “I’m interested in Nala. Is she still available?”

The family was very interested in Nala and after following our protocol: filling out the application, a long conversation on the phone, sending a video of their yard and where she would sleep, they came to see her.

It was love at first sight! For the family and the dog! As it turned out, the oldest daughter, age 10, had found one of the many postings about Nala online and had secretly emailed me. When I replied, she showed her dad and he called me. I could tell immediately that this was a good fit but seeing them together…it brought tears to my eyes. Nala was home with people who instantly loved her. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Love at first sight — it’s real!

Dog rescue is heart breaking but also heart warming. Watching them blossom after rescue into joyful and playful beings is … hard to describe. We treasure all these dogs and we wouldn’t want to be any place else, doing anything else.

Join us. You can donate or you can volunteer. We will find a job for you!

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