Carlos & Pepe -- their story ... Nov '21-Apr' 22

Carlos and Pepe are lucky

Their very pregnant mama was rescued from the streets and was able to give birth to her puppies under the care of The Dog Angel, Karin, in Cancun. They have not known hunger and fear, disease and danger like many of the dogs in Mexico.

Their littermates were found homes in Cancun, while Carlos and Pepe made the journey to the United States, where they are being fostered in Nevada while a home is sought for them.

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Lounging on the Deck

with new friends

… and this is what it’s all about –SUCCESS! Carlos has been adopted by this wonderful couple, Wayne and Theresa. We met up at the Petco in South Carson City for the hand off. Carlos and Pepe needed their second round of puppy shots so the timing was perfect. Carlos will be so happy in his new home. He’s already being spoiled and cherished. What a great ending to the start of a difficult story. It was quite a journey Carlos undertook to get here — first fostered by The Dog Angel” in Cancun. Then brought back to the U.S. in the belly of a plane. Then a long drive from Los Angeles to Incline Village.

We just can’t ask for better than this.

… and this is what it’s all about –SUCCESS! Pepe has been adopted by this patient young man, Kaylan, in Reno. I had a couple of false starts with Pepe’s adoption but when you connect with “The One”, you just know, which is how it was with Kaylan. Pepe so far in his life has not really been around men so he definitely had a period of adjustment. Kaylan was patient with him, allowing Pepe to adjust to life in his new home on his own terms. Pepe lives with Kaylan and a cat, has his own secure backyard and a super comfy bed. 💚

We just can’t ask for better than this.

Rocky's Story ... March 2022

Rocky’s story begins on the streets

where he was being protected from being run over by this precious little girl, when we pulled up alongside. The girl offered us the puppy. She said he was the only one. 

He was hungry, thirsty, dirty and pest-infested but two weeks later he is happy and playful. He has been receiving care from Karin, “The Dog Angel” in Cancun.

Karin has been bathing him every third day; he’s had his first puppy shots, will soon be neutered and is becoming quite rambunctious and will soon be available for adoption.

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“The Dog Angel”

Updates on Rocky’s progress will be posted here as soon as they are available! Thank you for listening. With your help, we can rescue more and more dogs in Cancun. Yes, it’s only one area of one city in one state in all of Mexico, but we can’t save the world, right? Help us to save a small part of it.

I think it’s obvious that Rocky looks much better, healthier, happier! He’s on his way and he is one lucky dog.

nucita's story ... March 2022

Nucita was abandoned

in a filthy home, alone with her puppy, no access to food an water. A kind neighbor, Ana, quickly realized the situation and brought Nucita and her puppy home where they already had five dogs.

A home was found for the puppy but Nucita lingered and Ana and her family grew  fond of her.

Then, along came this American, looking to take some dogs home to the United States! A plan was formed — Toree, the American, would take Nucita. Toree had her first dog.

The group of ladies (Toree, Maria, Dayli and Ana) met at the vet and took care of Nucita’s medical needs, required before travel to the U.S. Nucita’s future was set.

Ana at the vet

with Nucita and another dog she helped to rescue from the streets

… and this is what it’s all about –SUCCESS! It was my intention to keep Nucita but alas, my dog had other plans. I learned that my dog plays very roughly and Nucita did not like that so they had a tendency to fight. It was SO difficult to give her up as she was the perfect dog for me but I found the PERFECT new owner for her! Nucita now lives in Folsom with two cats, one of which is special needs. She is a sweet and gentle dog and fits in well in her new home. She gets to travel with her new mom, Serena, for work so they are constant companions every day.

 💚 We just can’t ask for better than this. 💚

Laguera's story ... 2017

LaGuera — the matriarch of the “Dreams” dogs

LaGuera was brought to the apartment complex as it was being constructed by one of the workers. When his work was done, he left her there. 

She quickly learned to “hang out” with the other dogs at the gate who called the complex home.

Guera was eeking out an existence. A life fraught with danger, not enough to eat and only a marginally safe place to sleep. Thus is life on the streets.

It became apparent that Guera needed medical attention. With the help of some passersby, Toree was able to slip a collar and leash on, get her into a crate and to the vet. 

Guera had ehrlichia, a blood disease caused by infected ticks, easily cured with antibiotics. Toree began administering the drugs in her food. Her health and quality of life greatly improved. To see more of Guera’s story and the steps being taken to save her, please visit the blog post.


before medical treatment