The Journey Continues

I realized within a few days that I would not be successful in capturing the “Dreams” dogs in time to get them to the vet 30 days prior to my return to the United States. I was very discouraged and distraught. That’s what I came for! But, I knew I couldn’t go back empty handed so I turned to FaceBook. Within hours I had a few responses, but only one panned out. Maria answered me and a bonus–she speaks English. I had studied my Spanish so hard and have made progress but am still a long way from being able to have an adult conversation. I can say, “See Spot run”, etc. Ok, I’m a little better than that but I was glad to find someone to speak English because the area I was in, most people spoke only Spanish with a little English.
My Hero, and first contact for helping dogs.

She told me about a few dogs that her network was fostering. I agreed to pay the vet bills so she made an appointment for that weekend where I was to meet her and the dogs. I also met Dayli and Ana, the ladies who were fostering the dogs.

Our first trip to the vet. This is Dayli and Guera.

This is me, Toree, and Nucita, one of the dogs I will ultimately bring home. I am keeping her.

And just like that, I had my three dogs. Things were going to change, however. Maria suggested that I just bring one dog as a test voyage because I did not know how it was going to work with customs (even though I had done my research) and how I was going to manage with three dogs on my own at LAX.

For the next installment, I will tell you how I met Pepe who led me to Karin — The Dog Angel, and the other two dogs that I DID bring with me.

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